Highlights of 2017
Highlights of 2017
Chronicle of Important Events for Chien-Shiung Wu College
  • At the 59th session of the school track and field meet, students from our college again took the first place in Men’s Group B, Women’s Group B and Team Events, winning the college’s eighth group championship in a row in April 2017

  • Our college and WSU(Washington State University) Honors College jointly participated in Global Cases Competition”in April 2017.

  • Our college hired the USA Leadership Group to set up a service leadership course, marking our first step in building a leadership development platform in April 2017.

  • Sun Kai (enrolled in 2014) was honored with Excellent Student Leader in Jiangsu Province; Class 613151 was honored with Advanced Class in Jiangsu Province in May 2017.

  • The 613151 Youth League branch was honored with National Flag Youth League branch in May 2017.

  • The 610142 Youth League branch was honored with May Fourth Red Flag Youth League branch in Jiangsu Province in May 2017.

  • Our college was honored with Excellent Psychological Services Branch at SEU in May 2017.

  • The student team from our college representing SEU participated in the ASC17 Student Supercomputer Challenge for the first time, wining the first international prize in May 2017.

  • Huang Lingying and Sun Yiwei (enrolled in 2013) were honored with Excellent Undergraduate Party Members in June 2017.

  • Our college signed documents on the summer camp program with UTD Honors College and ten students went to America for a 10-day summer camp activities for the first time in June 2017.

  • We received three students from WSU(Washington State University) Honors College to have an 8-week laboratory investigation in the School of Materials  of SEU for the first time in June 2017.

  • Yan Ge, Hou Junji, Bian Youyou, Cheng Jiale, Li Yinghui (enrolled in 2016) went to California, United States for the AAPT2017 Summer Conference and made a Post Show in July 2017.

  • The first round of laboratory research projects coordinated with Monash University (Australia) was carried out. Five students went to Monash University to conduct their laboratory investigation on life sciences during July and August.

  • The official WeChat public platform for Chien-Shiung Wu College was officially launched  in August 2017. 

  • Our students won four national first prizes and five national second prizes in the 2017 National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest in September 2017.

  • Jiang Xinzao and Xu Lu, students enrolled in 2014, were selected as members of  the 20th Postgraduates Voluntary Teaching Corps of SEU in September 2017.

  • Li Minghao (enrolled in 2014) was honored with Baogang Excellent Student award. Li Lingxuan and Sun Kai gained the CAS scholarship in October 2017.

  • Ying Hui, Ji Jing (teachers) and Qiang Youjie (student enrolled in 2015) appointed by our college attended the Annual Conference for National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) and joined the Honors Education Committee on behalf of Chinese Honors Colleges in November 2017.

  • Sun Kai(enrolled in 2014), Xu Yunhao, Feng Jiawei, Jin Jiejun(enrolled in 2014) and Jin Yuhui went to Waseda University (Japan) for IPS International conference in November 2017.

  • As for achievements made in 2017 College Students' Summer Social Practice, one of our teams was honored as top 10 university-level teams and one of our students as top 10 individuals of SEU. Our college also scooped prizes and awards including 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes, 1 third prize at the university level, Outstanding Social Practice Organization award and Excellent Investigation Report award. Moreover, one of our students was honored as Advanced Individual at the provincial level, and 23 students were honored with the title of Outstanding Individual of Social Practice in November 2017.

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