The Exchange Activity between Teachers and Students from Washington State University (WSU) as well as Students of Our College Was Successfully Held

Organized by the Students’ Union, the exchange activity between students of our college as well as teachers and students from WSU was successfully held in the White Mo Café located in the Humanities building, Southeast University on the morning of May 29th. Occurred at the second day of the Dragon Boat Festival, the exchange activity still aroused enough enthusiasm from everyone.

After a brief introduction made by Jiang Ning, the newly elected chairman of the Youth League Committee, Dr. Norton, the dean of WSU Honors College introduced some basic information about WSU and its cooperative projects with Chien-Shiung Wu College, and briefly explained the research projects to be carried out in Nanjing. Students of our college learned much information about curricular and extra-curricular activities in WSU as well as school life of American students, such as mathematics course, student organization and class organization. The exchange activity turned out to be a success. After the exchange activity, students of our college invited teachers and students from WSU to visit the Magic Motorcade and the Robot Club.

As a public school ranked as the top 100 in the United States, Washington State University (WSU) boasts many excellent disciplines and majors. Its Honors College maintains a good, close relationship with our college. A one-year exchange program and cooperative project for Global Cases Competition are provided by the two parties. Not long ago four students of our college went to WSU for their final defense of Global Cases. The visit of Dr. Norton, the dean of WSU Honors College and its three students further enhanced the cooperation and exchanges between the Honors Colleges of two universities. Besides, those three students would carry out their research projects on materials at the School of Materials for two months.

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