Prof. Samuel Chao Chung Ting, Nobel Laureate in Physics, Talked with Students of Chien-Shiung Wu College at SEU

he 115th anniversary of the founding of SEU falls on June 3rd. Accompanied by Zhang Guangjun, president of SEU, and Wang Baoping, managing vice president of SEU, Prof. Samuel Chao Chung Ting, famous physicist, Nobel Laureate, emeritus professor of SEU and honorary dean of Chien-Shiung Wu College, together with his wife Susan Ting, had a discussion with student representatives of Chien-Shiung Wu College on this special day.

At the symposium, Prof. Ting introduced about the implementation, key nodes and success factors of AMS project planthrough a video clip. Student representatives reported on the achievements they had made in their academic and scientific researches at Chien-Shiung Wu College where they received the educationemphasizing excellence, individuation and internationalization.

Later, Prof. Ting had heated exchanges of ideas with students on the spot. In response to questions about difficulties of doing scientific researches, Prof. Ting pointed out that most of the scientists who have won the Nobel Prize share a similarity, that is, doing one thing only. Prof. Ting mentioned that, we should focus on one research topic and keep going, considering the limited ability of everyone. He also emphasized that doing scientific researches was hard and full of challenges, for "science itself is the subordination of the majority to the minority and scientific progress could be possibly made only when a small number of people overthrow the opinions of all people”. Unlike some people who make criticisms by relying on those previous knowledge, scientific progress is achieved by overturning the previous. Prof. Ting added that, though initially opposed by the majority, he continued his experiment and made proper judgments and decisions, which finally gained supports from others. Prof. Ting also recalled his deep friendship with Madam Chien-Shiung Wu, who was hailed as China’s Madame Curie and the outstanding alumna of SEU, and expressed his respect and deep appreciation for Madam Wu’s scientific spirit of precision and prudence.

In the end, Prof. Ting and his wife wrote down their message to encourage students to inherit and develop the spiritual quality of Madam Wu, to look for what things we are interested in, and to devote our lifetime to realizing the dream. A freshman from Chien-Shiung Wu College gave the couple a hand-painted portrait of Prof. Ting as a present.

It is reported that the history of Chien-Shiung Wu College(CSWC) can be traced back to the Juvenile Class of Nanjing Institute of Technology founded in 1985. It was developed rapidly and was formally established as the honors college of SEU in 2004. CSWC is named after Madam Chien-Shiung Wu, the world renowned physicist and also alumna of SEU. Prof. Samuel Chao Chung Ting serves as the honorary dean of the college and Prof. Zhang Guangjun, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of SEU, serves as the dean of the college.The college has always adhered to the mission of“bringing together high-quality educational resources and cultivating elites”and followed the pursuit of “excellence, individuation and internationalization”for more than 30 years. It has already become a training base for top-notch talents, a testing ground for teaching reforms and a demonstration base for management reforms at SEU. In 2016, CSWC set up the "Engineering Experimental Class (Chien-Shiung Wu Class) , providing an innovative practice of top-notch talents training mode.

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