Our College Won the Ninth Championship in a Row at the 60th Session of the SEU Track and Field Meet

  Although the spring rain lingered for days, the enthusiasm of athletes was never dampen. The 60th session of theschool track and field meet was successfully held. Our students brought gloryto our college again after two and a half days’ efforts. Students of ourcollege took the first place in Group B and men’s team competition, and thesecond place in women’s team competition, winning the ninth Group B championshipin a row and the Sportsmanship award.

Team events were the most exciting in the sportsmeet, which required not only outstanding personal abilities, but also the teamspirit ofcooperation and cohesion.Hence, each cooperation was a demonstration of the tacit understanding andtrust among team members. In the men's 4*100 meters, Guo Dazhong, Cui Yaodong,Xiong Longhui and Zhang Rui performed well and won the championship in 48.90seconds. Besides, three teams from college held their unbeaten record again inthe men's 10*400 meters, men's 10*100 meters, and women's 10*100 meters.Students in the Sports Event for Fun also gave full play to their strength andobtained good results in several types of competitions.

Athletes also competed for medals in individualevents. Sun Zhen and He Zeheng won the first and second prizes respectively inmen's triple jump. Zhai Yaodong and Zhang Rui won the championship in the 100meters and long jump respectively. They also won the first and second prizes inthe 200 meters. Zhang Bowen and Zhang Xiang took the gold and silver medals inthe men's shot-put, respectively. Deng Yuwei took the gold medal in the women'shigh jump. Yi Chenyang and Han Xu won the second place in the 400 meters and200 meters, respectively.

The sports meet offered a platform for theexamination of physical and mental power, which stimulated personality andyouthful vitality on the one hand and showed the strong cohesion among studentson the other. All participants braved the hardship in the competition, performedwell and displayed fine sportsmanship characterized by the spirit of “cherishingthe friendship first and then achieving good scores in the competition”. It wasalso our earnest hope that students at our college could make more outstandingachievements in a broader field!

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